package rabbitmq

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  1. case class Binding(source: String, vhost: String, destination: String, destination_type: String, routing_key: String, arguments: JsObject, properties_key: String) extends Product with Serializable

    RabbitMQ Bindings retrieve from management API *

  2. class EventFilter extends Actor

    Actual message on reply queue.

  3. class ExtractorsHeartbeats extends Actor

    Listen for heartbeats messages sent by extractors.

  4. class MsgConsumer extends DefaultConsumer

    Listen for responses coming back on replyQueue

  5. class PendingRequestCancellationActor extends Actor

    First, it will connect to the target rabbitmq queue to download each pending submission request and search the cancellation submission by comparing the message id of each pending submission request.

  6. class PublishDirectActor extends Actor

    Send message on specified channel directly to a queue and tells receiver to reply on specified queue.

  7. class RabbitmqExtractionBusService extends ExtractionBusService

    Rabbitmq service.