package util

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Type Members

  1. class DistancePriorityQueue extends PriorityQueue[SearchResult]

  2. class PeekIterator[T] extends Iterator[T]

    Iterator that allows to look at the next

  3. case class SearchResult(section_id: String, distance: Double, preview_id: Option[String] = scala.None) extends Product with Serializable

    Distance fixed sized priority queue.

  4. class StreamGobbler extends Thread

  5. class StreamGobblerReturnsNotUploaded extends StreamGobbler

  6. class UploadFileWorker extends Thread

Value Members

  1. object Direction extends Enumeration

    Enumeration for Direction

  2. object FileUtils

  3. object Formatters


  4. object GravatarUtils

  5. object JSONLD

    Utility functions for JSON-LD manipulations.

  6. object License

    Helper class to create the correct license data objects

  7. object Mail

    Helper functions for sending emails.

  8. object MultimediaIndex

    Methods to manipulate the local multimedia index.

  9. object Parsers

    Parse methods.

  10. object Publications

    Utility to get publications from sead services.

  11. object RequestUtils

    Utility functions for retrieving desired information from requests

  12. object RequiredFieldsConfig

    Utility to load default values for required fields from the application configuration file.

  13. object ResourceLister

    List resources.

  14. object SearchResult extends Serializable

  15. object SortingUtils

  16. object SpaceConfig

    Utility to load default values for spaces from the application configuration file.