package api

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  1. trait ApiController extends Controller

    Action builders check permissions in API calls.

  2. case class Authenticated[A](action: Action[A]) extends Action[A] with Product with Serializable

    Secure API.

  3. class Collections extends ApiController

    Manipulate collections.

  4. class Comments extends ApiController

    Comments on datasets.

  5. class Datasets extends ApiController

    Dataset API.

  6. class Events extends ApiController

  7. class Extractions extends ApiController

    Json API for information about extractors and extractions.

  8. class Files extends ApiController

    Json API for files.

  9. class Geometry extends Controller with ApiController

  10. class Indexes extends Controller with ApiController

    Index data.

  11. class Institutions extends ApiController

  12. class Previews extends ApiController

    Files and datasets previews.

  13. class Projects extends ApiController

  14. class Relations extends ApiController

    Track relations between resources.

  15. class ReverseAdmin extends AnyRef

  16. class ReverseApiHelp extends AnyRef

  17. class ReverseCollections extends AnyRef

  18. class ReverseComments extends AnyRef

  19. class ReverseDatasets extends AnyRef

  20. class ReverseExtractions extends AnyRef

  21. class ReverseFiles extends AnyRef

  22. class ReverseGeometry extends AnyRef

  23. class ReverseGeostreams extends AnyRef

  24. class ReverseIndexes extends AnyRef

  25. class ReverseInstitutions extends AnyRef

  26. class ReversePreviews extends AnyRef

  27. class ReverseProjects extends AnyRef

  28. class ReverseRelations extends AnyRef

  29. class ReverseSearch extends AnyRef

  30. class ReverseSections extends AnyRef

  31. class ReverseSensors extends AnyRef

  32. class ReverseSpaces extends AnyRef

  33. class ReverseStatus extends AnyRef

  34. class ReverseThreeDTexture extends AnyRef

  35. class ReverseThumbnails extends AnyRef

  36. class ReverseUsers extends AnyRef

  37. class ReverseZoomIt extends AnyRef

  38. class Search extends ApiController

  39. class Sections extends ApiController

    Files sections.

  40. class Spaces extends ApiController

    Spaces allow users to partition the data into realms only accessible to users with the right permissions.

  41. class Status extends ApiController

    class that contains all status/version information about medici.

  42. class ThreeDTexture extends Controller with ApiController

  43. class Thumbnails extends Controller with ApiController

    @Singleton() @Api()
  44. case class UserRequest[A](user: Option[User], superAdmin: Boolean = false, request: Request[A]) extends WrappedRequest[A] with Product with Serializable

    A request that adds the User for the current call

  45. class Users extends ApiController

    API to interact with the users.

  46. class ZoomIt extends Controller with ApiController

  47. class routes extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object ActivityFound extends Exception

  2. object Admin extends Controller with ApiController

    Admin endpoints for JSON API.

  3. object ApiHelp extends Controller

    Documentation about API using swagger.

  4. object Geostreams extends ApiController

    Geostreaming endpoints.

  5. object MustBreak extends Exception

  6. object Permission extends Enumeration

    List of all permissions used by the system to authorize users.

  7. object Sensors extends Controller with ApiController

    Metadata about sensors registered with the system.

  8. package javascript

  9. package ref