package controllers

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Type Members

  1. class Admin extends SecuredController

    Administration pages.

  2. class Application extends SecuredController

    Main application controller.

  3. class Collections extends SecuredController

  4. class Datasets extends SecuredController

    A dataset is a collection of files and streams.

  5. class ExtractionInfo extends SecuredController

  6. class Extractors extends Controller with SecuredController

    Information about extractors.

  7. class Files extends SecuredController

    Manage files.

  8. class Profile extends SecuredController

  9. class RedirectUtility extends SecuredController

    Utility controller to be called, typically as a redirect, from the client side when an AJAX error is received, or when there are errors with authentication or permissions within the normal controller flow.

  10. class ReverseAdmin extends AnyRef

  11. class ReverseApiHelpController extends AnyRef

  12. class ReverseApplication extends AnyRef

  13. class ReverseAssets extends AnyRef

  14. class ReverseAuthentication extends AnyRef

  15. class ReverseCollections extends AnyRef

  16. class ReverseDatasets extends AnyRef

  17. class ReverseExtractionInfo extends AnyRef

  18. class ReverseExtractors extends AnyRef

  19. class ReverseFiles extends AnyRef

  20. class ReverseGeostreams extends AnyRef

  21. class ReversePreviewers extends AnyRef

  22. class ReverseProfile extends AnyRef

  23. class ReverseRedirectUtility extends AnyRef

  24. class ReverseSearch extends AnyRef

  25. class ReverseTags extends AnyRef

  26. class ReverseUsers extends AnyRef

  27. class Search extends SecuredController

    Text search.

  28. trait SecuredController extends Controller

    Enforce authentication and authorization.

  29. class Tags extends SecuredController


  30. class routes extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Authentication extends SecuredController

    Login, logout, signup.

  2. object Geostreams extends Controller with SecuredController

    Geostreaming playground.

  3. object Previewers extends Controller with SecuredController


  4. object ThumbnailFound extends Exception

  5. object Users extends Controller

    Manage users.

  6. object Utils

  7. package javascript

  8. package ref