package mongodb

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Type Members

  1. case class LocalAuthenticator(authenticatorId: String, identityId: IdentityId, creationDate: Date, lastUsed: Date, expirationDate: Date) extends Product with Serializable

    Track securesocial authenticated users in MongoDB.

  2. class MongoDBAppConfigurationService extends AppConfigurationService

    App Configuration Service.

  3. class MongoDBAuthenticatorStore extends AuthenticatorStore

  4. class MongoDBByteStorage extends ByteStorageService

    Store the bytes in a mongo gridFS.

  5. class MongoDBCollectionService extends CollectionService

    Use Mongodb to store collections.

  6. class MongoDBCommentService extends CommentService

    Use MongoDB to store Comments

  7. class MongoDBContextLDService extends ContextLDService

    MongoDB implementation of ContextLD service

  8. class MongoDBCurationService extends CurationService

  9. class MongoDBDatasetService extends DatasetService

    Use Mongodb to store datasets.

  10. class MongoDBEventService extends EventService

    Use MongoDB for storing events.

  11. class MongoDBExtractionRequestsService extends ExtractionRequestsService

    MongoDB implementation for ExtractionRequestsService to keep track of extraction requests

  12. class MongoDBExtractionService extends ExtractionService

    Use MongoDB to store extractions

  13. class MongoDBExtractorService extends ExtractorService

  14. class MongoDBFileService extends FileService

    Use mongo for both metadata and blobs.

  15. class MongoDBFolderService extends FolderService

    Use Mongodb to store folders

  16. class MongoDBInstitutionService extends InstitutionService

    Use mongodb to store institutions.

  17. class MongoDBLogoService extends LogoService

  18. class MongoDBMetadataService extends MetadataService

    MongoDB Metadata Service Implementation

  19. class MongoDBMultimediaQueryService extends MultimediaQueryService

  20. class MongoDBPreviewService extends PreviewService

    Use MongoDB to store previews

  21. class MongoDBProjectService extends ProjectService

    Use MongoDB to store Projects.

  22. class MongoDBRelationService extends RelationService

    Track relationships between resources

  23. class MongoDBSchedulerService extends SchedulerService

    Use MongoDB to store schedules

  24. class MongoDBSectionIndexInfoService extends SectionIndexInfoService

    USe Mongodb to store section index information

  25. class MongoDBSectionService extends SectionService

    USe MongoDB to store sections

  26. class MongoDBSecureSocialUserService extends UserServicePlugin

  27. class MongoDBSelectionService extends SelectionService

    Created by lmarini on 4/24/14.

  28. class MongoDBSpaceService extends SpaceService

    Store Spaces in MongoDB.

  29. class MongoDBTagService extends TagService

    Use Mongodb to store tags

  30. class MongoDBTempFileService extends TempFileService

    Use Mongodb to store tempfiles.

  31. class MongoDBThreeDService extends ThreeDService

    Use MongoDB to store 3-d's

  32. class MongoDBThumbnailService extends ThumbnailService

    Use Mongodb to store thumbnails.

  33. class MongoDBTileService extends TileService

    Use mongodb to mange tiles.

  34. class MongoDBUserService extends UserService

    Wrapper around SecureSocial to get access to the users.

  35. class MongoDBVocabularyService extends VocabularyService

  36. class MongoDBVocabularyTermService extends VocabularyTermService

  37. class MongoSalatPlugin extends Plugin

    Mongo Salat service.

  38. case class MongoToken(id: AnyRef, uuid: String, email: String, creationTime: Date, expirationTime: Date, isSignUp: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

    SecureSocial implementation using MongoDB.

  39. class MongoUserService extends UserServicePlugin

Value Members

  1. object AuthenticatorDAO extends ModelCompanion[LocalAuthenticator, com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ObjectId]

  2. object Collection extends ModelCompanion[Collection, ObjectId]

  3. object Comment extends ModelCompanion[Comment, com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ObjectId]

  4. object ContextLDDAO extends ModelCompanion[ContextLD, ObjectId]

  5. object CurationDAO extends ModelCompanion[CurationObject, ObjectId]

    Salat CurationObject model companion.

  6. object CurationFileDAO extends ModelCompanion[CurationFile, ObjectId]

    Salat CurationObjectMetadata model companion.

  7. object CurationFolderDAO extends ModelCompanion[CurationFolder, ObjectId]

    Salat CurationObjectMetadata model companion.

  8. object Dataset extends ModelCompanion[Dataset, ObjectId]

  9. object DatasetXMLMetadata extends ModelCompanion[DatasetXMLMetadata, ObjectId]

  10. object Event extends ModelCompanion[Event, ObjectId]

  11. object Extraction extends ModelCompanion[Extraction, ObjectId]

  12. object ExtractionRequests extends ModelCompanion[ExtractionRequests, ObjectId]

  13. object ExtractorDetailDAO extends ModelCompanion[ExtractorDetail, ObjectId]

    Temporary Fix: Creating a mongodb collection for keeping track of extractors details

  14. object ExtractorInfoDAO extends ModelCompanion[ExtractorInfo, ObjectId]

    Data Access Object for ExtractorDetail

  15. object ExtractorInputType extends ModelCompanion[ExtractorInputType, ObjectId]

  16. object ExtractorNames extends ModelCompanion[ExtractorNames, ObjectId]

  17. object ExtractorServer extends ModelCompanion[ExtractorServer, ObjectId]

  18. object ExtractorsForSpaceDAO extends ModelCompanion[ExtractorsForSpace, ObjectId]

  19. object FileDAO extends ModelCompanion[File, com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ObjectId]

  20. object FolderDAO extends ModelCompanion[Folder, ObjectId]

  21. object GeometryDAO extends ModelCompanion[ThreeDGeometry, ObjectId]

  22. object Institution extends ModelCompanion[Institution, com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ObjectId]

  23. object Jobs extends ModelCompanion[TimerJob, com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ObjectId]

  24. object LicenseData extends ModelCompanion[LicenseData, ObjectId]

    ModelCompanion object for the models.

  25. object MetadataDAO extends ModelCompanion[Metadata, com.mongodb.casbah.commons.TypeImports.ObjectId]

  26. object MetadataDefinitionDAO extends ModelCompanion[MetadataDefinition, com.mongodb.casbah.commons.TypeImports.ObjectId]

  27. object MiniUserDAO extends ModelCompanion[MiniUser, ObjectId]

    Used to store Mini users in MongoDB.

  28. object MongoContext

    MongoDB context configuration.

  29. object MultimediaDistanceDAO extends ModelCompanion[MultimediaDistance, com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ObjectId]

  30. object MultimediaFeaturesDAO extends ModelCompanion[MultimediaFeatures, com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ObjectId]

  31. object PreviewDAO extends ModelCompanion[Preview, com.mongodb.casbah.commons.TypeImports.ObjectId]

  32. object Project extends ModelCompanion[Project, com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ObjectId]

  33. object ProjectSpaceDAO extends ModelCompanion[ProjectSpace, ObjectId]

    Salat ProjectSpace model companion.

  34. object RoleDAO extends ModelCompanion[Role, ObjectId]

  35. object SectionDAO extends ModelCompanion[Section, ObjectId]

  36. object SectionIndexInfoDAO extends ModelCompanion[SectionIndexInfo, com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ObjectId]

  37. object SelectedDAO extends ModelCompanion[Selected, ObjectId]

  38. object SocialUserDAO extends ModelCompanion[Identity, ObjectId]

    Used to store securesocial users in MongoDB.

  39. object SpaceInviteDAO extends ModelCompanion[SpaceInvite, ObjectId]

  40. object Tag extends ModelCompanion[Tag, ObjectId]

  41. object TempFileDAO extends ModelCompanion[TempFile, ObjectId]

  42. object ThreeDAnnotation extends ModelCompanion[ThreeDAnnotation, ObjectId]

  43. object ThreeDTextureDAO extends ModelCompanion[ThreeDTexture, ObjectId]

  44. object TileDAO extends ModelCompanion[Tile, ObjectId]

  45. object TokenDAO extends ModelCompanion[MongoToken, com.mongodb.casbah.commons.TypeImports.ObjectId]

  46. object TypedIDDAO extends ModelCompanion[TypedID, ObjectId]

    Used to store Typed ID in MongoDB.

  47. object UserSpaceAndRoleData extends ModelCompanion[UserSpaceAndRole, ObjectId]

    ModelCompanion object for the models.

  48. object UserSpaceDAO extends ModelCompanion[UserSpace, ObjectId]

    Salat UserSpace model companion.

  49. object VersusDAO extends ModelCompanion[Versus, com.mongodb.casbah.Imports.ObjectId]

  50. object Vocabulary extends ModelCompanion[Vocabulary, ObjectId]

  51. object VocabularyTerm extends ModelCompanion[VocabularyTerm, ObjectId]

  52. object WebPageResource extends ModelCompanion[WebPageResource, ObjectId]