Publishing Data

Clowder directly supports submission of datasets to known repositories for publication. Your Clowder administrator must enable services.StagingAreaPlugin in order to access these services.

If you would like to publish a dataset to a known repository, you can start the publication process by navigating to the dataset and clicking the Publish button.

You can also launch the Staging Area from a space page, which allows you to view, manage and retract submissions.

Create New Publication Request

On the first page you must provide a name, description and one or more creators for your publication request. Click Create once the required fields are filled in.


Edit Metadata

Any existing metadata for the dataset will be copied to the Curation Object shown on this page, but you have the opportunity to add or delete metadata if desired. Click Select Repository once all metadata is entered.


Select Repository

Depending on the dataset contents and metadata, a list of candidate repositories will be displayed that you can choose from.


Expand “Matchmaker Details” to see an itemized list of requirements for the repository and indicators whether your dataset meets those requirements. These requirements are checked using Indiana’s Matchmaker service.

_images/ug_staging-4.png _images/ug_staging-5.png

Once you select Submit to Repository will have one last chance to review your information before submitting.


After completing this process successfully, you will get a DOI from the publishing repository.

You can use the Explore > Published Data link in the header menu or click the Staging Area button on a space page to see a list of published datasets. You can also resume the curation process if you stopped the process at an earlier point.