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CATS › CORE › #44 2 weeks ago
Fix recursion of dataset indexing of subfolders
simplify file parent indexing
Fix typo in dataset reindex that shows collections
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CATS › CORE › #41 4 weeks ago
Create reindex in a temporary swap file and copy over at the end
honor superadmin mode
index dataset or collection when added to new space
fix swapping behavior
add user filtering to searches
Merge branch 'release/1.8.3' into show-my-search-results
work on reindexing code
Merge branch 'release/1.8.3' into limit-elasticsearch-types
force elasticsearch to index everything as a string
83 passed
CATS › CORE › #38 6 months ago
Use a queue (backed by default by MongoDB) to reindex the full Elasticsearch index.
Stream Files, Datasets and Collections reports in chunks.
Fixed space invitation when a user is not a member of the instance and local userpass is not enabled.
add thumbnail UUID to elasticsearch
add full flag to search API

add new /api/thumbnails route

add thumbnails and creation date to file md search results

remove thumb from elasticsearchobject

remove thumbs from SearchUtils

add a bulk search endpoint

update changelog

optimizations to search box querying

remove some unused code

increase max result count & standardize search results display

update swagger doc

update changelog to add new API

add thumbnail API route & change endpoint to blob

fix typo on URL

add logging message for else case
Utilize bulk get methods for resources widely across the application, including checking permissions for many resources at once. Several instances where checks for resource existince were being done multiple times (e.g. in a method and then in another method the first one calls) to reduce MongoDB query load. These bulk requests will also report any missing IDs in the requested list so developers can handle those appropriately if needed.
Added pagination and infinite scrolling to search. Added thumbnail API route.
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CATS › CORE › #36 9 months ago
When searching by metadata fields don't auto-lowercase metadata field names.
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CATS › CORE › #35 10 months ago
Remove default query wrapping of ElasticSearch queries.
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CATS › PLANTCV › #33 1 year ago
specify plantcv version, remove logs, fix tags
Testless build
GEOD › GS › #9 1 year ago
Update binning to match front-end
Testless build
CATS › PYC2 › #70 2 years ago
Merge branch 'master' into add-delete-methods
# Conflicts:
#        pyclowder/
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Build Completed Code commits Tests