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FD › CORE › #7 5 months ago
FD-100 Changed layout to a single paged dashboard
FD-108: Added rounding to result numbers
FD-75: Changed the graphs to horizontal layout
FD-66: Removed myfields tab and commented code
FD-66: More Cleaning up
Updated changed log to add date
FD-82: Added drop down for state and county
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/FD-101-show-placeholder-images-for-simulation-distribution-and-binned-payouts' into feature/FD-101-show-placeholder-images-for-simulation-distribution-and-binned-payouts
# Conflicts:
#        src/components/FarmerCharts.jsx
FD-108: Fixed inconsistent layout on registration page
FD-103: Handled datawolf Queued status
FD-82: Renamed refprice variable
Updated changed log for v0.2
Minor formatting to changelog
FD-76: Added flow-typed to resolve some package dependencies
FD-75: Fixed 3 console errors and removed static data loading
FD-101: Modal popup to show sample bins
FD-99: Improve frontend layout to match mockups
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into FD-76-start-using-flow-in-farmdoc-project
# Conflicts:
#        package-lock.json
#        src/public/utils.js
FD-97: Fixed a typo in login message
FD-107: Changed banner to be orange and button background
FD-66: Fixed console warning and errors related to login and themes
FD-100 Added welcome text
FD-100 wip Refactored Results into Page and Component
FD-108: Added new image
FD-76: Some more auto generated changed to package-lock
FD-66: Fixed typo in Filename. Changed activeTab index
FD-67: Increased size of a table to fit in Safari
FD-99: Updated datawolf ids and default ref price
FD-106: Fixed overlapping text on smaller laptop screens
FD-107: Handled Queued status correctly
FD-100 Updated max yield possible to 300 by looking at Jonathan's inputs
FD-66: Removed Handsontable reference that is not being used
FD-82: UI changes to dropdowns and added Crop selection
FD-66: Removed CoverCrop components
FD-66: Removed some packages that we are not using
FD-100 Changed cursor on hover and redirect to form on login
FD-76: Enabled flow. Using it gives tens of type errors that all need to be fixed at some point
FD-108: Added missing separator line in the banner
FD-62: Enable submit afetr validation and changed error message
FD-99: Added the css, images. Updated layout
FD-101: Modal popup to show sample bins
FD-101: Removed commented out code
Testless build
FD › CORE › #6 8 months ago
FD-64: Removed maxlength validation for payment yield so it can accept decimals too
FD-64: Removed number type and also added a fips id finder link.
FD-64: Fixed the overlapping HotTable bug
FD-64: Changed color of Bars. Added workaround for a UI issue with HotTable alignment.
FD-64: Added Changelog
FD-64: Changed defaults for 0.1. enforced min max to 1, 200 for payment yield and forcing farmer to enter a value.
Testless build
FD › CORE › #5 8 months ago
FD-61, FD-63: Removed dataset ids that are not being referenced
FD-57: Added Logout
FD-61, FD-63: Added FIPS input, separated output tables, Added authentication failure error
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into feature/FD-61-create-fips-input-field
Testless build
FD › CORE › #4 8 months ago
FD-58: Testing to fix babel runtime error
FD-58: Try-2 fix babel runtime error
Testless build
FD › CORE › #3 8 months ago
FD-53: Display loading spinner. Also added redirect to login page (FD-28)
FD-53: Display loading spinner. Added MuiThemeProvider back
Testless build
FD › CORE › #2 9 months ago
FD-39 FD-45: Code review changes. Removed console log statements
FD-39: Make submissions to datawolf with actual model and display tables/graphs
FD-39 FD-45: Code review changes. Apply DW params from UI fields. Updated DW model to real one and parsed the actual output
Testless build
Build Completed Code commits Tests
Build Completed Code commits Tests