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Constantinos Sophocleous Constantinos Sophocleous dc799533c262f319773535bfec904d8a111206cc Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into gateone-computing-resources-access-integration
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 9847ea5b9828ce566f1d0f6414474372efcd0f16 m Merge pull request #462 in CATS/clowder from feature/MMDB-1823-display-bounding-boxes-layered to develop
* commit 'b5f5dcbc2244e5b7c545544c352a931f5b001c31':
  Preview registration issue fixed.
  Preview registration
  Flickering issue with bounding boxes fixed, Code cleanup
  Color matching fixed.
  Fixed issue with JS file loads
  Bounding boxes uses corresponding colors from graph
  Added log message when any JS file loading fails.
  fixed bug  - person tracking visualization not getting displayed when other extractors run. Changed canvas height.
  Displaying video on canvas, scaled down preson tracking to fit video preview dimensions, code cleanup.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 6ca68df42c1a281693573849b8948625b2917a35 m Merge pull request #425 in CATS/clowder from bugfix/MMDB-1848-comment-text-corner-case to develop
* commit '488e76779c7a4be9c12adb3f01ae53c36947b0b8':
  Update to unify decoding and handling on the controller side. This is in preparation for unification with the other comment changes, and future expansion of how to handle specific allowed tags.
  Updates to ensure that HTML entered into free text fields is safe when being displayed in the UI, while still ensuring that newlines can be retained correctly.
  Responses to pull request comments. Updating ListBuffer vars to be vals where possible. Removal of console logging on client side.
  Changes to fix all Dataset names, Collection names and descriptions, and comments. This includes editing and display dynamically after creation or on user interaction as well.
  First checkin of the pass through dataset description, which was used for testing. Some basic items for dataset name as well.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini 8983f0633debc4ae79a2d31a83ae3ab6c3e1f2e7 m Merge pull request #457 in CATS/clowder from feature/MMDB-1846-need-to-add-a-list-and-remove-previews to develop
* commit 'ff041d5c67a3d08618962f32bef51aece4be6fe3':
  Added previews end point to remove file and also did file cleanup work in all three test suites.
  Initial check in for Previews listing and removal end points.
Luigi Marini Luigi Marini a9b38656dfc118fe60b1a2af9370b352a2f358da m Merge pull request #402 in CATS/clowder from release/cs492 to develop
* commit '564c965eb2b4b3cf86f311dd5de88d405754160e': (76 commits)
  Fixed queries for user datasets and files shown on the profile page.
  Removed extra padding for menu items.
  remove wrong merge
  created help menu
  move search bar left of admin menu
  switch to models.User
  added back removed line
  fix no echo sometimes
  rearrange right side menu
  add models.User everywhere
  make sure user is saved as ClowderUser
  renamed MediciUser to ClowderUser
  use profile class
  Use instance display name instead of hardcoded name in rss feed
  limit number of updates
  Fixed typo
  fix compile errors
  Moved sendEmail to Events
  fixes to make things compile again

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