BrownDogBrownDogBDBrownDog code that is not part of Clowder, Polyglot, Versus, or DataWolf code bases.
CensusCensusCENSUSCode to index the handwritten contents of the digitized 1930s and 1940s census data.
ClowderClowderCATSA scalable research data management system you can install on your own cloud.
Cover CropCover CropCCROPCover Crop project
CyberIntegratorCyberIntegratorCBIScientific workflow system.
DaffodilDaffodilDFDLDFDL parser
Data Intensive Farm ManagementData Intensive Farm ManagementDIFMData Intensive Farm Management
DataWolfDataWolfWOLFData Wolf workflow engine
Decomposing BodiesDecomposing BodiesDEBODBertillon Card Analysis
DIDDIDDIDDigging into Image Data to Answer Authorship Related Questions
Earthcube GeosemanticsEarthcube GeosemanticsECGSA geo-semantic framework for integrating long-tail data and models
ErgoErgoERGOHazard Management software.
EulerEulerEULEROpen source toolkit, mostly written in Python, for merging taxonomies and visualizing the results.
GeoDashboardGeoDashboardGEODGeodashboard client code
GroupscopeGroupscopeGROUPGroupscope code
Im2LearnIm2LearnIMAGEISDA Image Toolkit
Image Analysis of Rural PhotographyImage Analysis of Rural PhotographyIARPThe goal of IARP is to analyzing a large corpus of imagery from the Library of Congress.
ISDAISDAISDAISDA Division Miscellaneous
KuratorKuratorKURATORProvenance-enabled workflow platform and toolkit to curate biodiversity data
Machine-Assisted LandformsMachine-Assisted LandformsMALMachine-Assisted Landforms
MediciMediciMMDBMedici content management system.
National Data ServiceNational Data ServiceNDSNDS is an emerging vision for how scientists and researchers across all disciplines can find, reuse, and publish data
PolyglotPolyglotPOLDistributed and extensible conversion system.
SKOPESKOPESKOPEProvides Synthesized Knowledge of Past Environments to diverse research communities.
The Dark Energy Survey Data ManagementThe Dark Energy Survey Data ManagementDESDMDESDM, The Dark Energy Survey Data Management Project at NCSA.
TupeloTupeloTUPRDF Triple store.
Vector Borne DiseaseVector Borne DiseaseVBDCenter for Disease Control: Implement an existing model that predicts the West Nile virus mosquito infection rate based on past weather.
VersusVersusVSDistributed framework for storing and serving up components for content based comparisons.
WSSIWSSIWSSITools related to the Water Science Software Institute.
YesWorkflowYesWorkflowYESBrings scientific workflow modeling and provenance management to scripting languages.