Discussion items

  • Help keep the blog up to date by making PRs against the GitHub repository               
  • New PR to style welcome message on home page. Names and Tables and Images should be added - Admins can do this.  Please take a look at this and make suggestions
  • Created an Issue related to using markdown in certain entries of the app. Java Markdown Engineering for several fields well organized pages
  • 2. 0 upgrading MongoDB data access objects. Data Access subjects for Mongo is it too much work to use Salat, we may scrap it.
  • Need to make a Pyclowder release. Rob and Max will work on that next week.
  • You could create a page, but it will probably have to be redone so don't put too much time in, just copy and paste.
  • Max and Rob will work together on Pull Requests              
  • Tests were running well with no issues with Clowder.  We depend on 2.6 that need to be fixed.  We are behind on several libraries and this needs to be updated.  Rob will play with this.           
Mike L.
  • It's a pain to export, Rob suggested that we provide an explanation, and add links rather than extract all of information
  • Pull request (has been merged) to expose admin-only extractor view to normal users
  • Designing extractor and use extractors that others are using. If there are other features you think users might be interested to users, feel free to add comments. Extractor Catalog#Overview
  • CSSI 2.0 - we don't store information on Mongo. We have to update all of the configurations anyway.  The configurations should go into the documentation.
  • Rob KooperIf I have something in the Mongo file and the Config file, which one wins?
  • Config file goes into Mongo - it's in not in the Config file use it there. 
  • Some companies in Industry are running Ophelia. Found no speed difference in using Mongo.  I can pull many at a time, say 20,  rather than one at a time.  You still have to create an index one by one.
  • @RobKooper  different JSON representations of an object, elastic search optimizer? Todd can look at this
  • Import an API file (did itcome from another Clowder instance).  We can only create a dataset from this.  BagIt?  There will be an update page once this is done.  Industry may want to use this as well.
  • Luigi Marini Let's have a conversation about how we can get datasets to move from one Clowder set to another.
  • Clowder app for iPhone and Android.  We will run a test to see if this will work on the iPad as well.
  • Updates on the graylog. Tested clusters if running fine with the shutdown of graylog and logspout.
  • Documentation about script description in the docker. If Bing could make a short wiki page to monitor the logs of your extractors, it would be good to have available to all users.
Mike B.
  • There will be a URL as an official way of storing data.  Rob Kooper : one thing we have always wanted to do is instead of actually storing the data, use a URL to point to the actual data. This might be a good opportunity to actual implement this feature. Should discuss with Luigi.
  • Please create a wiki page for this as well as various locations for all documents. Perhaps one local and one remote.
  • Rob & I will be looking at having Clowder store (just) the metadata for the geo-science data repository pages that we have crawled; So that people can search it and find which repositories they should get the data from.
  • Rokwire shared documentation with the Clowder team.  The app depends on many versions. If we need long term collaboration, we need to make sure that all external users follow the same protocol.
  • There may be a problem with updating the app., Luigi MariniThe code of conduct may have issues in wording.  There should be a newer version of Rokwire being released next week with changes.
  • Action: Lisa set up meeting with Max & Rob to discuss Pull Requests