Cyberintegrator is a scientific workflow system developed at NCSA.

A scientific workflow system is a specialized form of a workflow management system designed specifically to compose and execute a series of computational or data manipulation steps, or a workflow, in a scientific application

A workflow consists of a sequence of connected steps where each step follows without delay or gap and ends just before the subsequent step may begin. It is a depiction of a sequence of operations, declared as work of one or more simple or complex mechanisms.

Following is a list of goals we had in mind when developing Cyberintegrator:

  • Workflows as a communication mechanism
    • Make workflows documented and sharable
    • Separate science from ‘logistics’
  • Enable integration of independent tools
    • Keep models, algorithms, data in open formats accessible from outside the scientific workflow system
  • Expose workflow as a service
    • The model encapsulated by a workflow can be exposed a restful service

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