A meeting to discussion Ergo CLA and license for EU-Circle project


  • Dimitris provided overview of Horizon 2020 (5 year project), climate change effect on critical infrastructure (energy, water, etc)
    • Want a platform for developing different methodologies of risk assessment, looking at cascading effects, interested in Ergo and synergies between projects
    • There are questions about Ergo license and CLA
  • Jong provided an overview of MAEviz/Ergo project history, contribution process, license, code policy, etc
  • Discussion about when a contribution must be contributed back to Ergo (e.g. bug fixes to core components) vs. new functionality that does not effect the core. If changes are made to the core functionality, this must be contributed back. If changes are additional plugins, they do not need to be changed back and can be distributed under different licenses. 
  • Can develop be done in other environments (e.g. svn) and contributed back as patches (when the change effects core components)?
  • What are the upgrade plans for Ergo? Web application? RAP? 
  • Can analyses be written in other languages than Java? HPC jobs? 

Action Items

  • Are there other contribution mechanisms (e.g. submitting patches) instead of branching from our central git repository?



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