Yong Wook Kim

Bethany Blakely  

Rob Kooper 

Minu Mathew 

Taylor Pederson 


  • Check Sorghum whole year run
  • Check Maize-basalt whole year run
  • Discussion about other sites.
  • Is there any ameriflux only variables in other sites
    • maize control
      • ran okay, need to check ameriflux only variables
    • miscanthus basalt
      • failed
      •    Warning(1001)> Invalid metadata.
           Warning(1001)> It seems that a data column was selected for flux computation, which was declared either as "ignore" or "not numeric".
           Warning(1001)> Check the metadata file and the selected data columns.
           Warning(1001)> Problem detected for column n. 11
           Fatal error(23)> Occurred while validating "Alternative metadata file".
           Fatal error(23)> Check entries in the "Metadata file editor" and try again.
           Fatal error(23)> Program execution aborted.
    • miscanthus control
      • failed
      • same error as miscanthus basalt
  • Met data problem
    • maize control: missing from Jan 21 to May 25
    • miscanthus basalt: missing from March 9 to June 12 (also, has the previous file name with _MG in file name
    • miscanthus control

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