The Legend graphics URL of WMS layer can be found at the setting of WMS layer at Geoserver 

For example, here is a layer setting at layers.js in GLTG

  "properties": {
    "title": "River Reaches",
    "id": "gltg:gltg-pools",
    "wms": "",
    "opacity": 0.9,
    "checked": false,
    "showLayerLegend": false,
    "layerLegendTitle": "",
    "layerLegendContents": ""

In geoserver, get in "layers" setting (you can find it in the left side menu as shown below.

Find the layer with id, "gltg:gltg-pools", and click the the title of the layer.

The style setting is under "publishing" tab as shown below:

You can see a graphic image under "default style: gltg:pool". Right click on the image and copy the URL (in chrome, "copy image address"). 

The URL of the legend for the lyaer is as below:

If the legend graphics is needed to be modified, you need to edit a style called, "gltg:pool".

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