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Identify which sites to do proof of concept

Ted Kratschmer - will provide detail on search parameters

Do search in WQP for filtering first - location length of record, samples per year, would do a lot for first step

Dr M recommends creating a spin up - so include 1979 or 1978

If records are of different length - it does not make a big difference - impacts first year - esp if you average over above period

write workflow including where we need help from individual states/moderation/intervention

Identify which programmer will coordinate - work with Ted to implement filter

Eventually - Need all 12 states water quality data in the database - WQP - water quality portal - just the 4 parameters

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Ohio, Indiana

We have done this for 4 states already (IL, Wis, Minn, Missouri) eliminated lake sites to trim down amount of data

Go back and capture full record (aim 1980 - 2017)

Search Parameters

Workflow Steps

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