1. The glossary is now part of Confluence, so you will no longer need to log into a separate service.
    1. If you can edit wiki pages, then you may add terms to the glossary.
    2. To gain access to edit the wiki you will need an account on IN-CORE
      1. Instructions on creating an account: https://incore.ncsa.illinois.edu/doc/incore/account.html
  2. In the navigation menu on the wiki there is a direct link to the Glossary
    1. You may also go to this web address: https://opensource.ncsa.illinois.edu/confluence/display/INCORE1/Glossary
    2. The Glossary should appear as such
    3. Note that there is no "Add Term" button on the main page
  3. To add a term choose the letter that the term begins with
    1. Verify that the term doesn't already exist
    2. If the term is not in the Glossary then click the "Add Term" button at the top of the letter page
      1. A popup window will appear with fields matching the glossary 
      2. This will only let you add terms that start with the letter from which you selected Add Term
      3. Fill out the fields
        1. Definition can have rich text, formatting, and links
        2. All other fields are simple text
      4. Select the Add term button at the bottom of the popup window
  4. Verify that the term appears in the Glossary

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