How to Install Docker

Follow the instructions here:

Acquire/Configure Credentials

  • Contact SMM development team to acquire current SMILE credentials Chen Wang
  • Alternatively, you can set up your own set of credentials by configuring the below shell script.

Shell Script:
# system setting
export DOCKERIZED=true

# if use AWS algorithm, then you must use a static IP address
export HOST_IP=Your IP Address
export HOME=Your Home Directory
export BUCKET_NAME=macroscope-bae

# create mounted volumes on host machine
mkdir -p ${HOME}/bae_data
mkdir -p ${HOME}/bae_data/${BUCKET_NAME}

# you can comment out below if you do not need email notification
# email notification 
# export EMAIL_HOST=Your email host
# export EMAIL_PORT=465
# export EMAIL_FROM_ADDRESS=Your email from address
# export EMAIL_PASSWORD=Your email host password

# Please use random string access key and secret
export AWS_ACCESSKEY=Random string
export AWS_ACCESSKEYSECRET=Random string 

# Register an API on Twitter Developer console
export TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY=Twitter Consumer Key
export TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET=Twitter Consumer Secret

# Register a client on
export RAPIDAPI_KEY=your api key

# start
docker-compose -f docker-compose-bae.yml up

# stop
# docker-compose -f docker-compose-bae.yml down -v

# update latest image from docker hub
# docker-compose -f docker-compose-bae.yml pull

How to Run

All images you needed to run the stack have already been pushed to Docker Hub:
All you need is the YAML configuration file to run.

You must Download the docker compose YAML file

compose yaml file here:


To Start

run the shell script in previous step ↑:



export all environment variables and then

docker-compose -f docker-compose-bae.yml up

Then you should be able to access BAE at http://<your IP address>:8001

To Stop

docker-compose -f docker-compose-bae.yml down -v


docker-compose -f docker-compose-bae.yml pull

To remove Existing volume

docker volume rm {volume name. e.g.rabbitmq_smile_content_data}

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