I want to know how can i use the tool of social media analysis? would you like send me some video or pdf information to learn by myself?

We have a video introduction for SMILE, and meanwhile we are still working on making more detailed tutorials and documentations for other tools. You can find the video introduction here:

You can also read some of our publications:

  • Yun, J. T., Vance, N., Wang, C., Troy, J., Marini, L., Booth, R., Nelson, T., Hetrick, A., Hodgekins, H. (2018). The Social Media Macroscope. In Gateways 2018.
  • Wang, C., Marini, L., Chin, CL., Vance, N., Donelson, C., Meunier, P., Yun, J.T.,  "Social Media Intelligence and Learning Environment: an Open Source Framework for Social Media Data Collection, Analysis and Curation," 2019 15th International Conference on eScience (eScience), San Diego, CA, USA, 2019, pp. 252-261, doi: 10.1109/eScience.2019.00035.
  • Yun, J. T., Pamuksuz, U., & Duff, B. R. L. (2019). Are we who we follow? Computationally analyzing human personality and brand following on Twitter. International Journal of Advertising, 0(0), 1–20.

I could not find any information on the site regarding data security. Is there a link or some sort of documentation that details steps taken to keep data safe? Any and all information is appreciated.

Thanks for asking. First, please read our terms of service ( We explicitly state that our system is not to be used for commercial use without speaking with our university. Our system is still a proof of concept and we are currently building out technologies and policies to be at the forefront of data privacy and security. 


I keep receiving following errors when searching for tweets {"ERROR":{"name":"FetchError","message":"request to http://localhost:5050/graphql failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED","type":"system","errno":"ECONNREFUSED","code":"ECONNREFUSED"}}

This error appears sometime when connection to the data server (which communicates with all those social media platform APIs) is not stable, or when you requests particularly large tweets/posts. Whenever you see this error, can you terminate the current session and relaunch a SMILE instance and try again. Please try the default configuration (not click the Advanced button). You won't lose any existing data.

Meanwhile, please submit a support ticket answering the following questions to help us gather more information:

  • What keyword did you search?
  • What platform did you search? Namely, did you search for tweets, twitter timeline, reddit post, or reddit comments?
  • How many tweets/reddit posts did you specify?
  • Did you use the default setting, or the advanced configuration?
  • Did you see any previews?

I get the error: {"ERROR":"'column'"} when trying to process our survey results in csv file. The file was successfully imported to the system and I was able to choose if from the list. 

This is likely due to the configuration while importing your custom csv file. When you upload that file, you probably did not specify which column to analyze. (see below screenshot)

One indicator is: if you configure the column correctly, when you select that file from your drop down in any of the analyses, you should first see the preview with only the columns you specify; When you perform any of the analyses, you should also see a section in configuration ask you select which column to analyze. (see below screenshot)

SMILE asks me to authorize use of my twitter and reddit accounts but does not ask me for any information that would make that possible. What does this mean and how is it supposed to work?

SMILE application "assumes" that you should already have an account on Twitter, Reddit or in the future other social media platform that you intend to collect data from. Here's some links to create a Twitter account and Reddit account.
For Twitter, go to:     and following the prompts.
For Reddit, go to:     and click the "sign up" button on the top right of the screen, and following the prompts.

If you click the "authorize Twitter account" on smile, it will direct you to Twitter's website where you can login (if you have an account) and authorize (see attached screenshot). This is a standard practice if you're connecting a third party app (SMILE) with social media platform. The user will not provide sensitive information such as Twitter username and password directly to SMILE, instead it goes to Twitter. By click authorize button, Twitter verify it is you are a Twitter user and in exchange grant a user-specific token to SMILE to allow SMILE to collect data on your behalf. This article might explain a little bit of that: This process make it possible that SMILE collect Twitter data on your behalf, meaning under the hood it is YOU that are requesting the data from twitter not SMILE as an application. Also this ensure that you're acknowledged with Twitter's Term of Service, and you will be hold responsible if any violation of twitter's service happens.

When I look for the tweets of a certain user on the APP itself, it comes up and it's great. Once I export the material itself into an excel sheet, it starts to turn into gibberish.

This has more to do with your excel decoding setting rather than the data itself. On my machine, things I have done to fix this are:
1. open an excel blank sheet
2. go to Data -> From Text
3. in the text import wizard make sure you choose Unicode UTF-8 as file origin (see the attached screenshot)
If you are using Mac-OS, you can also directly open this CSV in a text editor and it will display the characters correctly.


I get an 'apikey' error when trying to use IBM personality insight. 

It's most likely that you are not giving the right API keys for IBM personality Insights. Can you take a look at the Help page (Click Help button at the top bar), and read through section "How do I access IBM Personality Insights?" and "Where can I find IBM Personality Insights credentials?"

I do not find the API under the Services tab in the Dashboard of IBM Cloud (please see attached). Can you please look into this? Thank you.

Inside BAE tool, please look at the documentation section entitled: How do I access IBM Personality Insights?
And then the sub-menu under that entitled: How to get Personality Insights onto the IBM Cloud platform?
The reason you are not seeing it in the dashboard is that you have not created the actual service first via this above step.

I keep getting this error code: Twitter error response: status code = 429

That error code means that there are too many requests to Twitter coming from that account.  Please wait 15 minutes to try again. Meanwhile, make sure you are not pulling in Twitter data from anywhere other than the Macroscope simultaneously.

PAHO dashboard


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