The Query Tool provides a GUI for quickly exploring a Tupelo repository and evaluating SPARQL and TA-SPARQL queries.
Query Tool Screenshot

Installing and Running

The Query tool is part of the DSAPI package and is ran as Java application through the class edu.uiuc.ncsa.datastream.util.query.QueryGUI


  1. Query Tool opens by default an empty, in-memory context. To open a particular Tupelo repository use the File menu and load a context description file, as described in [Contexts-XML|]. You have the option to display all tuples in the repository through File->Display All Data. This option will be time and memory consuming in large repositories.
  2. Query Tool UI consists of two main tabs: Data and Query. The Data tab allows you to browse all triples in the repository or enter new triples using NTriple or TA-NTriple notation.
  3. The Query tab contains the panels History, SPARQL and Results. Enter your query in TA-SPARQL or SPARQL in the SPARQL panel and hit the Eval button. Results will show up as a table in the Results panel.
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