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  1. 2018-01-16 - ISDA Team - Stand-up Meeting Notes

    vm meeting-notes … . cnavarro Cover Crop Project meeting Review pull requests Ergo/KISTI Answer datawolf questions from external user Follow-up with external
    ISDAApr 24, 2021
  2. 2016-05-23 Stand Up Meeting notes

    meeting-notes … , made progress on spatial: now parses bbox in model. kmchenry EarthCube Architecture meeting Workshop proposal BD code reviews BD planning/wiki pages HR
    ISDAJun 01, 2016
  3. 2015-04-27 Stand Up Meeting notes

    time.) meeting-notes … . lmarini Medici pull requests Clowder documentation SEAD permission sprint Finish setting up travel for May meetings Merged some pull request
    ISDAMay 11, 2015
  4. 2016-11-07 - ISDA Team - Stand-up Meeting Notes

      meeting-notes … Tools Catalog cleanup DAP-dev redeployment BD Advisory board meeting South Big Data Hub presentation NDS SC16 demo followup BD Tools Catalog cleanup
    ISDANov 14, 2016
  5. 2016-11-14 - ISDA Team - Stand-up Meeting Notes

    for network builder meeting-notes … for error tracking Github audit meeting mondrejc MDF - 2016-11-14+Kickoff
    ISDANov 27, 2016
  6. 2016-10-10 - ISDA Team - Stand-up Meeting Notes

    fiona and shapely Testing React for INCORE version 2 meeting-notes … for this week is getting to understand OpenSplice more. I have been reading documentations on it and playing around with it. Sucks - missed meeting because car died
    ISDAOct 18, 2016
  7. 2018-06-11 - ISDA Team - Stand-up Meeting Notes

    in extractor-geo's docker   meeting-notes … )  scientific code from Java to Python MDF 4CeeD extractors description, cont. PIF format fo rexperimental file Farmdoc meeting on Tue graphs and tables
    ISDAJul 02, 2018
  8. 2015-08-17 Standup Meeting notes

    create CO MSC CRI-86, 89, 82 compete CRI-94 background removal with Matlab meeting-notes … Wednesday meeting with SeaGrant on-site   efblack2 MSC Drafting of AJT Paper is underway. Create repository with AJT Paper to share with other members
    ISDAAug 25, 2015
  9. 2015-08-31 Standup Meeting notes

    TLS — not finished meeting-notesmeeting jonglee     ruiliu BD: docker sprint: finish dockerize opencv extractors, work on integrate it with elasticity. Earthcube: continue
    ISDASep 08, 2015
  10. 2015-10-05 Stand Up Meeting notes

    an entire image   meeting-notes … sections GI student meeting IARP add face and ocr extractors to indiragp SEAD Fix Comments on matchmaker pull request Rename
    ISDAOct 12, 2015