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  • Integrate Daffdil into Apache Tika (DFDL-1710) to use full or partial DFDL-driven parsing to determine file type.
  • Integrate Daffodil into Piperack which is part of the Calabash implementation of XProc
  • Integrate Daffodil Into Scalable/Parallel Processing Frameworks
    • Some possibilities: Apache NiFi, Apache Spark, your favorite Hadoop..., Apache Storm,  Apache Flink, Ohua, etc.
    • Really, any data-processing framework/infrastructure should be able to accept data from Daffodil, and produce data into Daffodil and thereby gain the ability to handle many kinds of data that would be extraordinarily difficult otherwise.
  • NACHA - so close. This format, which IBM published to the github DFDLSchemas site, will run with a small enhancement to our TDML Runner. (See
  • TDML Runner TDML (Test Data Markup Language) Runner
    • - enhance for cross validation with IBM - We want to be able to run TDML tests against both Daffodil and the IBM DFDL implementation to test compatibility. The job here is to execute TDML tests against IBM's DFDL (they have a developer edition that's free) using their API. (
    • In general, there's a backlog of TDML-related JIRA issues. The TDML runner drives Daffodil from the API, so it's relatively well isolated from the rest of the daffodil code base. See other TDML tickets.