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IMPORTANT: We are using Eclipse Indigo IDE (version 3.7)

IMPORTANT: We are targeting Scala 2.10.x


Table of Contents


You will install three things: Scala IDE, XML Support and EGit.

Install Scala IDE

Because we are currently targeting Scala 2.10.x you will want to paste the following URL into the "work with:" box on the "Installing New Software" dialog: http://download.You need to install the Scala IDE version that matches the Scala version at Tested/Verified Tool Versions.

You obtain the Scala IDE from the you've pasted the URL in the 'Work with' box.  Hit ENTER and it will go and probe the site for software and populate with a listing as you'll find below. site. A URL is provided that is typed into the Eclipse software install dialog like this example:


Check the box next to 'Scala IDE for Eclipse' and click Next.  Follow the prompts to complete installation.


You will see a list of pre-defined choices.  One of them is "Indigo - ..." select itnamed after the Eclipse release e.g., Mars for the Mars eclipse release, Neon for the neon release.

In the search filter box below that, type "xml".