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WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday
  • Create Scala Bindings for MDF Connect API
  • Start work on NDS Workbench Helm Chart
  • Complete migration of OpenCV Faces extractor to Pyclowder 2

Gowtham Naraharisetty

  • BD: AWS accounts / Clowder play 2.6 upgrade
  • Agri: Clowder dev and planning
  • Geodashboard projects: PR and HR
  •  vbd
    • run biggerstaff model
  • gltg
    • fix issue with greon-01/02
    • all parsers running
    • water quality portal upgrade and new sites
  • deploy separate BETY and geostreams extractors and corresponding canopycover modified extractor
  • todd project orientation
  • clip_raster modifications
  • work on service monitoring API (time permitting)
  • In-Core
    • scientific code from Java to Python
  • MDF
    • 4CeeD extractors description, cont.
    • PIF format fo rexperimental file
  • Farmdoc
    • meeting on Tue
    • graphs and tables, prototype
  • In-Core
    • done
    • running the skeleton, still doesn't know all the details
  • MDF
  • Farmdoc
    • done, wiki, notes etc.
    • done, js libraries Chart.js, switch to x.js for tables
  • NDS
    • Experiment with Workbench backed by NFS
    • Create and test RBAC roles for Workbench
  • Crops in Silico
    • Sense heading
    • Explore Girder
  • Industry
    • Examine proxy PUT test case to figure out what's going wrong
    • Finalize / submit PR for Extractor Details view
    • KnowEnG Platform Setup & Scale Test for the CompGen2018 Next week
    • Galaxy server Setup and Test for the CompGen next week


    • Extractor and server setup in agri-clowder


    • KnowEnG Platform Scale Tested for the CompGen2018 Next week
    • Galaxy server Final Setup and Tested for the CompGen next week


    • Nebula outage

  • Workd on porting Tornado EPN damage analysis from INCORE v1 to INCORE v2
  • Workd on Incore Jupyter lab update with new incore extension
  • Fix the docker python library problem in extractor-geo's docker