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  1. tutorial of env editor
  2. ancillary variables ?
    1. do whatever is easiet - keep or not keep, no problems.
  3. Pyfluxpro various versions?
    1. Work with V3.3.2. (Bethany's version)
    2. Bethany updated the pyfluxpro version on Feb 15th / March 8th.
    3. YWK will try to match the version.
  4. Times where a variable has no exlcudeDates and RangeChecks?
    1. L2 file with just [[ET]] – Bethany needs to check.
    2. There will not be a variable without any sections. A variable will hav atleast one of the sections - DependecyCheck, ExcludeDates, RangeCheck.
  5. Would there be other sections other than DependecyCheck, ExcludeDates, RangeCheck
    1. yes. There could be ExcludeHours, WindDir etc. 
    2. – for reference.
    3. low priority
  6. Times where there are multiple lines in DependencyCheck?
    1. Only source would be present.
  7. RangeCheck will always have lower and upper lines only
  8. ExcludeDates would always be a list starting from 0.
  9. ExcludeHours would always be a list starting from 0.
  10. DigCheck has only one argument 'num_sd'.
  11. Would there be a "source = " line in someother place other than DependencyCheck? – maybe asked before. Just to clarify.
    1. No. 
    2. "source = " line is only there for DependencyCheck.
  12. Footprint always in the format x_[integer between 0-99] ?
    1. Yes.
    2. If possible remove 'x_peak' as well from the source line. (low priority)

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