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  1. Sensor and Hyperspectral data-
    1. Lots of overlap with SmartFarm and parts of Cover Crop - is there anything we can directly leverage (install / setup geostreams/clowder)
    2. Can geostreams be the frontend or is it not customizable enough for our use case? It seems we may want an Explore view to visualize sensor and sat image data, a Dashboard view to run models like DSSAT and a MyFarm page to configure field definitions
  2. Direct4Ag PI project meeting Friday March 25th at 1pm
  3. Question from Diego (Field query always returning empty)?


We would like to use the same database that SmartFarms uses.  We would like to have an initial demo to show on Friday, 4/7/22

Diego is testing the API and sequencing. Looking at Rabbit MQ- how will geostreams be included - is it necessary?  Tried to parse data and it broke consistently. Geostreams does not handle large sets of data.

Finish testing this week. Diego will update the file

Chris will reach out to Tony to see who would like to join these meetings

Project Planning: Put issues in GitHub for tasks that we need - mapping, how do we capture issues that don't fit anywhere specific?

Setting up machines, setting up parsers, data from Lowell.

Think about issues to add to the frontend; we'll need input on what they want to see on visualization

Login using keycloak.


SmartFarms is using the docker file, but it's not working. Issues with database connections.

The file does not work.  Maxwell Burnette should fix this.


Meeting with Diego at Gowtham at 10:00 am