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  1. Address the email to a majordomo server: 
  2. Put the commands in the message body (not in the "Subject:" header)
  3. Begin the body of the mail message with the commands (in other words, do not begin with "Dear majordomo")
    1. To subscribe, type (including the hyphen): 
      1. - subscribe ergo-user
      2. - subscribe ergo-dev
    2. To unsubscribe, type (including the hyphen):
      1. - unsubscribe ergo-user
      2. - unsubscribe ergo-dev
  4. Add - end at the end of the message (including the hyphen) 

Where are the ergo-settings and the ergo.log files stored in Mac OS X?


ergo-settings and ergo.log are stored inside the Ergo-EQ application. Right click the Ergo-EQ application and select "Show Package Contents" then navigated to Contents/MacOS. Inside this folder you should see both the ergo-settings folder and the ergo.log file.