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Code Block
titleFragility Dataset
      <fragility-set-properties Parameters="8" DemandUnits="g" Description="As-Built Fragility" DamageType="Structural" EquationType="2" GroundMotions="Unknown" StructureType="MSC_Concrete" LimitStates="Slight: Moderate: Extensive: Complete" Author="HAZUS" ID="1" DemandType="pga" Code="Low"/>
        <fragility-curve fragility-curve-median="0.6" fragility-curve-beta="0.6" fragility-curve-type="Normal"/>
        <fragility-curve fragility-curve-median="0.88" fragility-curve-beta="0.6" fragility-curve-type="Normal"/>
        <fragility-curve fragility-curve-median="1.17" fragility-curve-beta="0.6" fragility-curve-type="Normal"/>
        <fragility-curve fragility-curve-median="1.53" fragility-curve-beta="0.6" fragility-curve-type="Normal"/>


Ingest Sample Fragility

After downloading the bridge fragility csv file, follow the steps below to ingest it into Ergo:

Go to the File menu near the top of the application and select Import > Data. This will open the import wizard.

Expand the folder Data, select Dataset and click Next.

Where it says Select One, select Fragility and click Next.

Click Browse and locate the sample fragility dataset you downloaded and click Next. Please note, if you don't see the CSV file in the browse dialog, make sure the *.csv filter is selected.

Where it says Select the data type for this file select Bridge Fragilities and click Next.

Where it says Repository to ingest to select from the list of repositories, where it says Descriptive name for this dataset enter something like Sample Bridge Fragility and give it a version. Click Finish when done. The dataset should be available in the repository you selected under Bridges > Bridge Fragilities.