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You clone that repository e.g., for NACHA (which runs on Daffodil) take these steps:

  • cd ~/...../git   # daffodil
  • cd .. # parent directory where you have daffodil git-cloned as a subdir.
  • mkdir DFDLSchemas
  • cd DFDLSchemas
  • git clone
  • git checkout for-daffodil-1.2.0 # or whatever the current daffodil-port branch is
  • cd ../daffodil/daffodil-extra
  • ln -s ../../DFDLSchemas/NACHA/2013 # The exact right symlink to create varies. See list below

Then these sorts of things will work: 

  • sbt NACHA/test
  • sbt NACHA/publish-local # makes a jar of the schema and puts it into .ivy2 cache.

Each of these repositories has an eclipse project in it that you can import.

The symlinks to be setup are these (vCard, NACHA, and HL7 are a little different from just pointing at the repo root)

  • EDIFACT -> ../../DFDLSchemas/EDIFACT
  • HL7 -> ../../DFDLSchemas/HL7-v2.7
  • IBM4690-TLOG -> ../../DFDLSchemas/IBM4690-TLOG
  • ISO8583 -> ../../DFDLSchemas/ISO8583


  • NACHA -> ../../DFDLSchemas/NACHA/2013
  • vCard -> ../../DFDLSchemas/vCard/2.1