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Setting Target Definition

The Most 3rd party plugins have been removed from the Ergo git repository to simplify dependency management. In place of these libraries, we've included a target platform for the most recent releases of Eclipse. To set the target platform, find project edu.illinois.ncsa.ergo.eq.rcp and double click on the file to open it. Click the link Set as Target Platform and allow your workspace to rebuild. 

Creating a Fork of Ergo

If you are a developer interested in Ergo, but might not want your changes included in the master repository right away, then you may want to fork the Ergo repository. The only changes to the above would be you would go to and create a Fork of each repository before cloning. When creating your fork, it is recommended that you check the box to "Enable fork syncing". This will keep branches and tags in sync with the branch you forked (presumably master). This path is not recommended if you intend to make continuous contributions to Ergo because forks are usually intended to take development a very different direction than the main development branch. Thus, developers are encouraged to sign the license agreement found here so you can contribute to the master branch by creating feature branches from it and help guide the development process through interactions on the ergo-dev mailing list.