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SoftwareVersionRequired forNotes
JAVA1.8+alwaysThe clowder software is written in Scala and javascript and requires JAVA to execute. Clowder has been tested with OpenJDK
MongoDB2.6+alwaysClowder uses MongoDB to store the information about the files and if configured the files as well.
RabbitMQ3.5+extractorsRabbitMQ is used to communicate between Clowder and the extractors. When deploying extractors it is required to deploy RabbitMQ as well.

ElasticSearch is used to search Clowder. We have not tested clowder with version 2.0 or larger of ElasticSearch

GeoServer2.7.4+geospatial overlaysGeoServer is used to with the geospatial extractor to generate overlays for maps.