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Click Next and follow the prompts to complete installation.

Importing the Projects

Daffodil consists of a number of separate eclipse projects. (At least 15 as of this writing.) They have names like:

  • daffodil-cli
  • daffodil-cli-unittest
  • daffodil-core
  • daffodil-core-unittest
  • tutorials

As you can see, some have a "daffodil-" prefix on their names, others do not.

The projects are imported to Eclipse using the "Import Projects" dialog. Typically this is found at New → Project → Import... but the exact menu location varies with the specific Eclipse version. You need to install existing projects from git.

(This assumes you have already obtained the daffodil source per the git clone specified at Getting Daffodil.)

After this operation as completed, all the projects should appear in the 'Package Explorer' to the left. There will be more than what is shown in this screen shot:

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Define Eclipse DAFFODIL_ROOT

  1. Go to Window -> Preferences -> General -> Workspace -> Linked Resources
  2. Under 'Defined path variables', click 'New...'
  3. Enter DAFFODIL_ROOT as the Name
  4. Enter the path to the daffodil repository in Location.
  5. Click OK twice.
  6. Exit Eclipse.