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Daffodil 2.0.0 - detailed changelog



  • support for unparse, with one-to-one feature parity with parse
  • support for unparse specific properties like dfdl:outputValueCalc, dfdl:filleByte, dfdl:truncateSpecifiedLengthString
  • DFDL expression changes:
    • Support added for dfdl:contentLength(), dfdl:valueLength(), fn:error(), and math:pow() functions
    • fix bugs with equality comparisons and converting differing types
    • fix bugs with div/idiv not using the appropriate kindof division
    • fix bugs with daf:trace on complex types
  • now requires Java 8 and Scala 2.11
  • creation of a new data input/output stream layer
  • improved diagnostic messages
  • numerous bug fixes and performance improvements
  • add support for 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 7-bit ASCII encodings
  • add property daf:parseUnparsePolicy and tunable to enable only parsing, unparsing, or both
  • add tunable unqualifiedPathStepProperty to specify how unqualified DFDL expression path steps are resolved
  • allow dfdl:lengthKind="pattern" when type="xs:hexBinary"
  • support for xs:choice direct dispatch
  • support for xs:boolean type
  • support for xs:hexBinary type with bit lengths
  • support for xs:ignoreCase="yes"
  • support for xs:union restrictions
  • support for runtime valued properties


  • new parse and unparse API



  • suppo


  • with InfosetInputter's and InfosetOutputter's
  • native infoset support for JDOM, w3c DOM, Scala XML Nodes, XML Text, and json


  • created an XSL stylesheet for creating DFDL tutorials from TDML files
  • added option to roundTrip TDML tests

Daffodil 1.1.0 detailed changelog