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  1. For MS-Windows users: Setup Microsoft Windows for Unicode, as full Unicode support is required for using Daffodil.

  2. For MS-Windows users: Install Cygwin - a unix/linux compatibility layer for MS-Windows. (Some of our test system requires it due to scripting.)
  3. Install Java Software Development Kit aka SDK or JDK. (Note: Not only the Java Runtime Environment or JRE, you need the full JDK)
  4. Install SBT
    • Note: you need sbt even if you intend to do development from an IDE like Eclipse. There are things built using sbt that are necessary for the IDE environment.

    • You can find SBT installation instructions here:

  5. Install Git
  6. Set Environment Variables
  7. Obtain Daffodil Source - See Getting Daffodil
  8. Execute a Preliminary Build to Retrieve Libraries
  9. Build Daffodil
  10. Run Daffodil you just Compiled from the Command Line
  11. Development Workflow