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BD-base runs the necessary dockerized Brown Dog Data Transformation Service components (Clowder, Polyglot, Fence, RabbitMQ, MongoDB, Redis, an example extractor, an example converter, and the BD CLI) allowing a developer to get up and running more quickly as they create and debug new extractors/converters. You can get the BD-base by cloning the git repo:


Users can switch between panes using Tmux commands. The panes are as follows: Fence (top), Clowder (middle-left), example extractor (middle-right), Polyglot (middle-left), example convert (middle-right), and the BD CLI (bottom). Users can run BD-CLI commands to interact with Brown Dog Data Transformation Service (username: bd, password: browndog):


Here we described describe the process for taking a working piece of code and deploying it as a Brown Dog extractor. It For simplicity, it is assumed that the method can be invoked from a single call. In this example, we are using the python extractor wrapper and will invoke a python function. In a very similar fashion, a method developed in a language other than python can be invoked using subprocess.