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Make changes to (main program). Consider the process_file method as the main method of an extractor and accordingly it needs to contain the main logic. You can call other methods in your python code from this method after importing necessary modules into this file.

3. Edit extractor



This file contains metadata about the extractor in JSON-LD format. Update all relevant fields as needed.

4. Configuration



Extractors obtain the configuration information details required for connecting to various BrownDog components like RabbitMQ, Clowder, etc., either from command-line arguments or environment variables. If you look at the Dockerfile inside the termplate extractor directory, you can see some of the envinronment variables being set. For the purpose of running your extractor using BD Development Base, you DO NOT have to change anything.

Note: This remaining part of this section (Configuration Parameters) is relevant only if you want to run your extractor against another production instance of BrownDog deployed at your end or some other location. Otherwise, you can skip and continue reading the next section (Edit the Dockerfile)

If you are planning to run your extractor using Docker, you will need to modify the Dockerfile to set these parameters required.

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If you are planning to run your extractor as a standalone program (outside of Docker), you would need to set the command-line arguements and you can find the available options by running your extractor with help option(-h, --help) .

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5. Edit the Dockerfile