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<file>XML file containing configuration items, such as external variables or Daffodil tunables. See Configuration File for details on the file format.

Variables to be used when parsing. The variable can be prefixed with {namespace} to define which namespace the variable belongs in, for example:


The path to the node from the root element to create the parser from.
The root element of the DFDL schema to use. This must be one of the top-level elements of the schema defined with ‑‑schema. This requires the ‑‑schema option to be defined. If not supplied, the first element of the schema defined with ‑‑schema is used. A namespace may be specified by prefixing it with {namespace}.
The annotated DFDL schema to use to create the parser. This option must be supplied.

Modify Daffodil configuration options to change parsing behavior. See Configuration File#Tunable Parameters for the list of tunable parameters.


The validation mode. 'limited' or 'off'. Mode is required. If ‑‑validate is not present, defaults to 'off'. Mode cannot be set to 'on' as possible in other commands.

Write the parser to a give file. If the option is not given or is -, output is written to standard out. If supplied, this must be the last option on the command line.
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