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Confluence Page for planning:  High Level Priorities


Last week in review:



AllBox Update
  • Bing PR for extract files.
  • Yan PRs add extra metadata using the regular Box API. Need to figure the Skill's API. Doesn't seem to be in the Box SDK. Ben provided requests code to do this.
  • All pieces ready to go minus support for Cards.
  • Ben working on gunicorn support. Yan might be able to help. Bing can deploy once ready.

  • Meeting with Hathi Trust folks on Wednesday
  • Good be good Skills

  • Planning.
  • Had a meeting with CZO Data managers last week.
  • Will have another one this week.

BenESIP Session
  • What is the clearest way to explain extractors to the general scientific public? I've gotten the impression that metadata is not exactly clear in terms of generic derived data.
  • Spoke to Qina and Kungsuen
  • Guy from NCAR has data from sensors and has tool to extract the location and other info from files
    • Ben Galewsky to find out where the code is
    • At NCAR they talk about derived data instead of metadata