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WhoPlanned - MondayAccomplished - Friday



  • history page refactoring
  • write an abstract or/and frame of the paper


finish up web application pull requests

finish implementing semantics



  • Continue Auth backend

    • Look into different options for OAuth 2, OIDC against UIUC and Google

  • NCSA Software
  • EFI abstract
  • Text for Luda's proposal
  • Rokwire executive summary
  • Forecasts
  • HR
    • EnvironmentLogger data queued - push to BETY?
    • RGB quality extractor on sample dataset
    • PSII octave script integration
    • Upload soil mask data to sample dataset
    • Advanced search V1 proposal
    • Add NRMAC full fields to sample dataset
  • Create and logging service for profile and building block
  • Update incore jupyterlab kubernetes
  • Implement hurricane service into regional epn damage analysis