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Luigi is having issues running transformation catalog - needs to talk to Yan


Galaxy Swarm - was able to run as independent program and simple extractor

Working on it now as a docker

We won't maintain image set

Tensor flow on Nebula cluster - install ver 1.5 to work

Naming: Extractor Galaxies -\


Looking at Yan's PR - looking at flask

Don't spend too much time without asking for help


trying to get a simple python script to call scala code and call simple extractor

getting errors - possibly related to docker - no java in the docker

Rob explained a process to go forward


docker compose is old in extractor template
Greg, you can use this docker compose file. We need to update the one in the extractor template project. (Thanks, will try it. - GJ)

Finished code for punchcard extractor, but got blocked for a while on testing setup. Should have it tested out this week and ready for push and inclusion. (Had forgotten about some Linux-specific docker networking I have had to do in the past.)
I'll also still need to add a callback for contributing file-level extractions of card text to a dataset level aggregate.

LuigiWriting a more detailed plan for the semantic annotation

Dukyun Nam

Making training data set into tensor flow format - did 100 training images

got access to deep learning machine at NCSA

avg time is 10 sec per step

label based on their labeling in the shape file - train for number to see if it is faster