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Comment: section on fixing the eclipse unicode config issue.


  • Edit core/tests/AH.dfdl.xsd in eclipse. Notice that it uses xmlns="", which is the usual name space for XML Schema. 
  • Note that the file extension ".dfdl.xsd" is the standard way to identify a DFDL schema file.
  • Change one of the dfdl:inputValueCalc properties and misspell the property name. Save the file and you will NOT see any validation error.
  • Change one of the attributes of the dfdl:defineVariable element, such as remove the name attribute and put in a ref="foo" attribute. Save, and you should see a validation error.
  • Validation using the standard XML Schema URL will NOT validate short form DFDL annotations, nor will it care if you put a long form annotation element named dfdl:foobar. But if you do get the name of a DFDL annotation element correct, then it will validate the properties on that annotation element.

Eclipse Unicode Setup

On Linux, UTF-8 and good unicode fonts are the default.

On Windows, a US install normally doesn't default to a Unicode friendly environment. One of the features of the Scala programming language is that it is completely unicode aware.

But, to make a USA windows default install of Windows itself, and Eclipse unicode friendly, you have to take a few steps.

These are described in the solution to this issue: See the comments at the bottom for the settings.