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Begin testing the Tools Transformation Catalog - what is this? (smile)

What is the link I need to share?

Will need to fix CSS (size of icons issue) + path issue before we start

I will come up with a testing matrix and the follow up mechanism to gather input on bugs and improvement suggestions

Make sure be ready for last report for NSF


Gave some screen shots and shared with Luigi before conference last week

No updates on CZO extractor

Luigi would like to show screenshots as part of Clowder All Paws
Matt Turk mentioned yt has a library for this they are expanding to other domains:

Updating Abstract / Poster for EScience - Aug 5 deadline for camera ready version


The transformations catalog was not working using full paths and proxy-pass forwarding. Trying to figure out how to utilize a configuration setting, or maybe an environment variable, to set url-prefixs on the container, and trying to test if that url-prefix will actually fix the problem.

RabbitMQ had memory issues this morning - Rob upped the memory this morning - will monitor to see why it is happening

Luigipresenting at All Paws on Sunday


Kind of have it working - trouble returning final JSON structure as MetaData

It gets to be complex with multiple levels - and it ends up crashing

A list of single level works - dictionary with ID/Key

But if there is an ID that leads to another object it loops
Sandeep says multi level metadata we may not have tested

will post question in BD channel so others can input

Not working in our Bitbucket - he can put it anywhere and we can look at it

We will need to create a repo for it and share information on how to PR


Work on my Feature Extractor extractor is ongoing and has recently resumed after returning from vacation overseas. I should have a demo-able version the first week of August.

I've already been interacting with BrownDog/Clowder staff via Slack (although not so much in the recent past as I was away on vacation) and will continue to do so as needed, especially if I encounter issues that need to be addressed.

GregShannon asked for updateStill troubleshooting network issues after the datacenter migration. Making more progress today (7/25) after discovering a switching issue. Also formulating plans for repo transfer and delivery of the punchcard extractor in final form. I have it running as a local extractor in testing. I'm working on getting it to more reliably ignore or return a null value for images that are not punchcards, i.e. reject an image when no card is found..