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ShannonAre we ready? may not have latest fixes live - icons are still too large, login doesn't work

I will come up with a testing matrix and the follow up mechanism to gather input on bugs and improvement suggestions


Demo CZO instance of Clowder

Patching Clowder


Have the code for csv extractor - still needs aggregator

EScience - poster extended



Mark Fredricksen - Have you deployed the latest transformations catalog?

Mark Fredricksen - work with Luigi to deploy Deren's extractors to dev


please put readme in to each one?

has multiple extractors

  • user submits pdf each page of book - extractor takes each page and counts each word - breaks it down by language
  • two others are paired down - getting additional results from that file
  • find title and authors extractor

We will need examples

Will double check code can go public now

Check and see if they can take .pdfs and output the zip file

Will update collection every month with Hathi Trust - is up to date with local collection


Gregfinished the image processing improvements for the punchcard reader. It works much better now. Now I need to add the aggregate to the dataset level and contribute the code to your bitbucketsbitbucket.