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Testing Matrix

Follow up mechanism

Comments:  we have "Test" cards showing up which we need to get rid of
"gnumeric" is showing twice ... should we have code which looks for duplicates?

Open Office - no URL


- place this on Google Docs and have team test?

Comments: in excel sheet


add ability to provide input/output mime type

text based search should search that info as well

CZO ingestion

Clowder webinar this Friday- Shannon will send to Brown Dog mailing list

Sandeepdocker for CSV extractor


Publishing port for bd fiddle - container doesn't have permissions at root

Pecan tests aren't running on dev and don't work on prod - talk to Rob Kooper


Finished all changes planned -

PDF to zip format finished - uploads result to same dataset

Changed the extractor for reading tsv to get names authors and titles

There is a readme


Gregneed update