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  • Fighting with GitHub Pages to deploy main website there. Once working will point
  • Technical documentation to be moved to
  • Two PRs in review, one from Max with new function, one Mike
  • Unclear if release will happen early next week
  • Spending time on the 2.0. Slow going but going.

  • Working on improved Extraction Job logging
    • Relate multiple logs to one job id
    • Learning PyClowder

Mark Fredricksen

Transformations Catalog

  • Now in GitHub with Issues for tracking
  • 4 open PRs
  • Trying to fix any obvious bugs prior to presenting at the next Clowder community meeting
  • Adding improvements that will help make the catalog more user friendly
  • Have a number of issues still open that we will address as time permits

  • New image metadata extractor
    • Extracts information about camera, creators, markings/tags
    • Use exiftool
  • New testing framework live on one project
  • Investigating how to use Graylog to aggregate logs from extractors