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  •  Marcus continue with Missouri data
  •  Marcus metrics for model
  •  Marcus Abstract for AGU due on July 29 (probably have something already written)
  •  Aaron consult with Max - test and prepare for letting other institutions upload data - follow up on notes from Bill

Discussion items

  • model running automatically
    • maybe bug in model view
  •  underway
upload notes from Bill's email
  1. The raw data I get from IDPH doesn't have climate division or week. But if I use the top portion with the "Illinois Sample Map" mapping, I didn't get an error.  When I do it manually in the bottom portion, I am unable to create a new mapping without assigning something to climate division because I get an error when creating the map.
  2. After adding climate division and week I was able to create a new field mapping and eventually upload it. At first I didn't have a name typed in the "Label" box so I got the error "mapping name cannot be empty". Initially I thought that was because I hadn't specified a mapping for climate division, but then the second time I realized it was because the label box was empty.  Maybe that error should read "Please provide a label for the new field mapping"
  3. It wasn't readily apparent that when I hit "Submit" under submit mappings, it doesn't upload the data.  Maybe we just need a little more explanation about the process.
  4.  I wonder if we should say "field map" or some other terminology instead of map since map might be confusing since we are actually doing geographic mapping.
  5. On the required fields maybe I mentioned this before, but with the Illinois data the location_id and sample_id aren't necessarily unique in the dataset.  They should be unique for a given organization for a given year.  For example, more than 10 organizations have used the sample_ids 1-15 already this year.  Are those fields actually used for anything in the processing and display? If not, maybe they shouldn't be required and if a unique ID is needed it can be generated internally.
  6. Also we talked about providing information on how to determine climate division, or doing the lookup ourselves in the code from the county and state.  Also we still need to add STATE as a required field, OR maybe ask that on the upload page if it is all one state?
  7. Just a small thing - in the top portion the field mappings are in a different order than in the bottom portion.  The top has [local mapping]:[global mapping] and the bottom has [global mapping]("Field'):[local mapping]("Source column").  I think the bottom part makes more sense, so I'd suggest making the top part consistent by changing the order to [global mapping]:[source mapping] with the global mapping in bold.
  • start testing app so we can get trap owners to try
  • lots of other states interested in app and uploading data
  • due July 29 AGU