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  • Community page went live
  • Project page
  • Steering Meeting went well this week.  Lots of good collaboration
  • How to involve students, including the core.  Mentoring is crucial to get this project sustainable
  • Documentation in the wiki is key to keep this project.
  • Slack- is it helpful or not?  If we start using Slack to communicate, it may become more comfortable
  • Clowder should have OFFICE HOURS - Luigi will set up a time for this.  If people show up we can be there to answer questions.  Not all need to be there, but if it is running in the background, we can be available to answer questions.
  • Conversation with Max & Todd to socialize Sillouette.
  • Silouette was heavily inspired by
  • Showed the catalog to the steering committee and they are excited about this.
  • I've started a blog post, but don't know where to post.  Create a PR and get GitHub to post it
  • Created a PR for AirFlow.  It works, but it's not pretty yet.  I'd like to get the docker approved - it would make merging so much easier
Mike L.
  • PR for Extractor Maturity features - adds the ability to mark extractors as "Development" / "Staging" / "Production"
  • Reviewed the 
  • 2.0 planning meeting, I am focusing on configuration lookups, Todd looking at using silhouette instead of the older secure social library
  • limited progress on bag ingest due to time off this week
  • some bugfixes for ODM extractor (less verbose, flag for faster processing) and working on new date field indexing in elasticsearch (dates and numeric values)
Mike B.

·Context jsonld might be off, but looks ok in dataset.

·Should be able to load cached jsonld so no need for metdadata mapping for EC.

·Hand entered metadata is searchable, but have api auth problems.

·Won't need to insert EC metadata in pages as already searchable.

·Want open instance loaded for search &/or triplestore, incl map io. (geostreams?)

  • Starting with the next set of repositories to make open source - Rokwire
  • Question about issue resolution in GitHub
  • absent
  • Nothing to report.