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  • Pull request open for RDA ingest
  • PR for search bugfixes & improvements. Honor superAdmin, some prep code for making search public but needs more work. Have outstanding question about how to index metadata fields in elasticsearch - currently we include full path to /api/extractors but I propose trimming to name + version or some other solution.
  • Working on per-space storage reporting, we have to query datasets by space and iterate over their files at the moment.
  • nothing to report

configure the clowder to use Graylog on industry dev instance. (can see the empty log. tried the same query from graylog, also get the empty result. Have a scheduled meeting with Rob to sit together to look at graylog)

update geo metadata tiff extractor to use ubuntu 20.

Mike L.
  • PR for Extractor Catalog: Labels features
    • New admin-only view /extractors/labels in Clowder for listing labels
    • Create/edit/assign/delete labels to extractors
    • Filter by label in the Extractor Catalog view
    • Extractor Details now lists labels associated with each Extractor
    • Automatically import labels from extractor_info.json
    • Demonstration:
RobWe talked about not needing a geoserver w/Max. We would like to do geo spatial searches within Clowder.  This should be easy using MongoDB and it would would nicely with Max's previewer
Mike B.

=EarthCube:new crawls, incl big one, &Resource/tool registry, now

· w/addition of sitemap parsing &other needed parsing now

·clowder was down so search API falls back to SPARQL then a/grep

·some code generalization but more needed soon, before ec-utils

·all in my github, incl colab NoteBooks stripped of urls

·getting search skin from ux for api so can compare w/old api output

·will use fall-over might get better response than any alone

·prepped for clowder work, now that it's back up

OoO: next week, for vacation before it gets too cold

search skin for geoscience.  LI

SandeepWorking on finalizing contributor guidelines and pull request template for Rokwire. Referenced Clowder pull request template, contributor guidelines and a few other projects' documents.
Toddsome work on 2.0 refactoring - fixing imports 
  • Abstracts and Titles for November 6th webinar ready to publish