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This documentation may be out of date. For the most recent documentation for the archival extractors, see the READMEs in GitHub:

The archival process in Clowder is an optional addon to the already optional RabbitMQ extractor framework.


Both the file size and the inactivity period can be configured according to your preferences.

Configuration PathDefault



If == 0, disable automatic archiving.

If > 0, check every interval seconds for candidates for automatic archival.

archiveAutoDelay120Number of seconds to wait before starting the first iteration of the automatic archival loop. 
archiveAutoAfterInactiveCount90Number of units a file can go un-downloaded before it is considered "inactive".
archiveAutoAfterInactiveUnitsdaysThe units for the inactivity timeout above (e.g. "90 days" old)

The minimum number of bytes for a file to be considered as a candidate for automatic archival.


This image has been pre-built as clowder/extractors-archival-disk .