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We will be making a deployment next week.  Please look at outstanding PR's before Wednesday 3/3/21.  Thank to you Michael Lambert for reviews.

MaxAdding sorting to the metadata.  Adding string field and shadow field using the exclude field.  Has not tested yet. raw use *_raw
Mike L.
ToddCreated pull request for bug reported on slack (
Mark F
Mike B.

in NSF review, Kenton had clowder slides, &

I referred to the ecosystem as something that could sustain the faceted front end, to a triplestore

Michael J

Hi all,

I'm an undergraduate student working on a project for the Cozad New Venture Challenge and was wondering if we could collaborate or if I could get some advice regarding my project. 

I'm interested in trying to create a machine learning algorithm that utilizes computer vision to analyze sidewalk images from Google street view. I would love to get into touch with someone on how to begin, if the idea is feasible, and to just connect and pick someone's brain. 

Thank you,

Nathan Seiler


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